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Incredible mental health care for your employees

Easy access to the support your employees need —

no matter where they are, when they need it, or what they’re going through.

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Any Challenge

We can help with anything you’re struggling with—from stress and depression to issues with work and relationships.

Any Time

Need to chat on the weekend? Or at 3 AM on a holiday? We’re around. We offer immediate access to support, 24/7/365.

Any Place

We go where your smartphone goes. Get confidential support wherever you are. Available worldwide in 7 languages.


1. Personalised, clinically validated content

Give your employees access to over 120 clinically validated digital tools created by the world’s leading therapists, authors and academics to nourish all aspects of mental wellbeing.
From managing anxiety and depression, to improving sleep and practising mindfulness – our platform provides a personalised experience to the individual’s unique needs and preferences.

120+ Content Modules

With new content added daily

Dozens of topics

covering every-day and more niche struggles

Over 54 hours

Of meditation and sleep tools

2. Behavioural health coaching

For day-to-day challenges, our fully trained behavioural health coaches offer immediate, real-time support via text to help relieve and manage the stresses, strains, worries of life.
Coaches are hand to help day or night, 365 days a year. Set aside some time to speak every day, or write when the mood strikes you. The room is always open.

24 hours a day

Coaches available around-the-clock

12 minutes

average response time from coaches

4.7/5 ★

Average rating for coaching sessions

3. In-Person & Video Therapy

For those who require further support, licensed therapists are on hand to provide therapy with appointments booked around your employees’ schedule.
All therapists bring at least ten years of professional experience of practising evidence-based therapy with diverse options across race, ethnicity, LGBTQ sensitivity, and clinical focus.

Under 48 Hours

Waiting time until first the appointment

7 days a week

Sessions available on weekends and evenings

96% of people

felt "significantly better" after their first session

Measurable results.

Track and better understand the whole wellbeing of your company through anonymised and aggregated data for more informed decision making.
Employees can also view and gain insight into their wellbeing, with full analytics and a personalised wellbeing programme that’s unique to their needs.

Care for all, all in one place.

On demand, world-leading support that’s personalised to the individual and scalable to any organisation – no matter size, budget or workforce need.
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Personalised digital wellbeing content

Responsive coaching and text support

In person & video therapy

Measurement, reporting & insight

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